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Llama Fest!

Today was Llama Fest in Spanish Fork. Llama Fest is put on by the Hare Krishna temple. Llamas really have nothing to do with their religion but it was by selling Llamas that the people building the temple were able to raise enough funds to finish the construction...and now they celebrate the llamas every summer by having a llama obstacle course, a beautiful llama baby contest, a llama petting area, vendors selling llama hair items, and giving out awards for the best llamas. It's pretty entertaining. It was really really hot at llama fest today so we didn't stay the whole time but we did get to see inside the temple, the beautiful baby contest and the llama winners in the female division. Jesse and I got matching llama fest t-shirts, it was a fun trip to the Hare Krishna temple. Mike and Jesse have also been working hard on their CD today. So far they have "baby bumblebee" recorded and they are now working on "baby baluga" by Raffi. Jesse is dying to record her singing "Material Girl" by Madonna, but were not sure that would be good for an 8-year old's debut CD.

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ME! said...

i love the picture of jesse singing! please no "like a virgin"..."material girl" is better than that at least! thanks for all you are doing. i hope you are all having fun!