Welcome to our family blog. This is for us to keep track of the fun we have day to day, and for the family and friends out there who like to hear about it. Hope you enjoy!



Almost Halloween

Happy Halloween! We partied at our ward's Halloween Carnival yesterday. Heath was the cutest "baseball boy." I wore my kindergarten costume that used to reach my knees and Mike went as himself. Tammy and I were in charge of setting up the photo booth and taking pictures of all the families. 

I didn't get any great photos of Bobo by himself, I'll have a go at that on Halloween day. But we got a good one with his buddy, Calvin Spiderman. Calvin and his family are our new neighbors and they are awesome! It's so fun to see these boys play together.


Pumpkin Patch

We are making a tradition of heading to Bocalli's pumpkin patch in Ojai to get our yearly halloween pumpkins. 
 This is the only photo I could get of him looking at me with a smile. In 400 shots. I kept trying but he still thinks its funny to not look at me when I'm trying to take his picture. So even though it's not the best, it's probably my favorite.
 Chasing Daddy through the corn rows.
 This year he ran through the hay maze at lightening speed! He loved it!
 A little lost...
 Heath loved to play the pumpkins like bongo drums, then he'd dance to his own beat.
Heath saw the tractor towing people on a hay ride and froze. He stared at it without blinking till it was out of sight. Then he didn't stop asking to ride on it until he was walking up the back steps. 

 Looking at the rows of corn and pumpkins from his view on the hayride.
 We let him pick any pumpkin he wanted to take home. He kept picking them up till he found the biggest one he could carry...just barely. This was the last one he put down to find a bigger one. He's a tough boy. It was a fantastic afternoon at the pumpkin patch.


Heath's first year

This video is A LOT of Heath. I had it all timed out to music but you tube vetoed it, woops! So here's the video with youtube's music. Not as great, but still fun to see Heath as a little baby.


1st day of pre-school

I signed Heath up for a pre-school this year at an elementary school near by. It's only 2 days a week for an hour each time, and I go with him for the whole thing, but I still had to do first day of school photos. He has a fake smile now for photos, which is still cute, but drives me nuts. Today he thought it was very funny to do the fake smile and not look at me. So that's what we have!

 He thought it was so funny to not look at me.
Still wouldn't look at me and I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't put his foot down. Did he know he was kicking his foot like Mickey on his shirt?
Then he took off and we called quits on our little shoot.


catching up

Grandpa Ashby found this cute tricycle months ago at a garage sale and I'm so glad he didn't pass it up! Grandpa had to add blocks to the pedals so Heath could reach and now he really has the hang of it and rides on the sidewalks all around our place.
 Mike's parents came to visit us in June. We had so much fun with them. Heath showed them our zoo that we go to often. He even got to feed a giraffe with Grandma!
 For Heath's actual birthday we spent the afternoon in Ojai with all the grandparents. We rode the Ojai Trolley, stopped at Bart's books, and saw Heath's cousin, Jake, play in a little league all-star game. We ended the day with one of Heath's favorite foods, pizza! at Boccalli's in Ojai.
 Heath loved all the attention and play time he got with Grandma and Grandpa B!

 Mike and his boy on Father's Day.
 We took Grandma and Grandpa B. back to Ojai for Father's day and took a quick snap shot of our 3 generations.
I love this photo of all of us. Heath had such a fun time running around the back yard and showing off for all 4 grandparents. We miss them all so much now that Grandpa and Grandpa B. are back in Boise and the Ashby Grandparents are traveling the country.
 For the 4th of July, we drove to Utah for a mini Bishop family reunion. All of Mike's siblings and their families made it except one, we missed you Rob, Tonja, Ellen, and new baby Neil! While in Utah we went to a water park and Heath loved it! He is a fish! Mike took him on some BIG slides.
this is a close up to show how happy Heath was to go on the water slides.

 Heath also loved to float in the lazy river. He would keep his head up and just let his legs dangle behind him.
 We watched the fireworks from Auntie Nater's home and the kids loved getting sparklers and pop its from Grandpa. Thanks everyone for such a fun trip. I forgot to put my battery in my camera too often while we were there so I missed getting pictures of everyone, but we loved seeing all of you!
 Soon after we got home, we surprised Heath with a big boy bed! The first few nights were a little rough, but he now goes down with out any problems. We check on him before we go to bed and sometimes he is on the floor, so we put him back and in the mornings he comes to get me. I think he likes the freedom to get out on his own in the morning.
A couple Sundays ago Mike dressed Heath up real sharp for church. We slicked his hair back for the first time. Heath liked the pampering, but the hair didn't last. It was a fluffy mess by the time nursery started.

That is what we have been up to lately!



Our little guy is turning into a big boy way too fast. We celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and friends and had a great time! I was excited to throw him another birthday party for months before the day actually came. I made this number pinata for the party and thought it would be fun to do his 2 year old photos with it. It was the hardest thing getting him to take a photo with that 2. He wanted to run at it, kick it, knock it over. Luckily, I was ready when he hugged it for a split second!
The day of his party finally came and we were so happy to have both sets of Grandparents there! I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of all of them at the party but we did get them a few days later. Below Heath is trying to show us two fingers. He hasn't quite mastered it yet, but I think he'll get it soon! We had his party at the park so we could play kickball! Heath and Mike made a very cute team, Heath got to kick it, then Mike got to kick it, for their combined turn. Heath loved it! He is a little bit obsessed with basketball right now. We tried to get him to put the ball down to play but he carries that ball everywhere! We did a Sesame Street party for him and Auntie Amy made his amazing cake! She is so good!

Heath loves to play with his cousins and the Ginn family, a family in Auntie Amy's neighborhood. The Ginn's have 4 kids about the same age as his cousins and are often all playing together. Heath loves to play with all the big kids! We also love to play with Layla, the cutie just a few months younger than him. He gets to see her during the week and at nursery! 
We love our big boy!

*the video in the last post is now working! sorry about that! and more to come about Grandma and Grandpa B.'s visit!*