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Almost Halloween

Happy Halloween! We partied at our ward's Halloween Carnival yesterday. Heath was the cutest "baseball boy." I wore my kindergarten costume that used to reach my knees and Mike went as himself. Tammy and I were in charge of setting up the photo booth and taking pictures of all the families. 

I didn't get any great photos of Bobo by himself, I'll have a go at that on Halloween day. But we got a good one with his buddy, Calvin Spiderman. Calvin and his family are our new neighbors and they are awesome! It's so fun to see these boys play together.


Tammy said...

cutest baseball boy ever! you have an adorable family em. i love that you live so close so i can see you whenever i want! :)

Linda said...

Love the little "slugger"!
Thanks for the pictures- Have a Happy Halloween!

Robin said...

Emily, here I am stalking you! Next step is dying my hair blond and writing your name with lipstick on my mirror! (I actually wanted to see the picture of Calvin, but that just happens to be a convenient excuse.);)