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Our little guy is turning into a big boy way too fast. We celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and friends and had a great time! I was excited to throw him another birthday party for months before the day actually came. I made this number pinata for the party and thought it would be fun to do his 2 year old photos with it. It was the hardest thing getting him to take a photo with that 2. He wanted to run at it, kick it, knock it over. Luckily, I was ready when he hugged it for a split second!
The day of his party finally came and we were so happy to have both sets of Grandparents there! I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of all of them at the party but we did get them a few days later. Below Heath is trying to show us two fingers. He hasn't quite mastered it yet, but I think he'll get it soon! We had his party at the park so we could play kickball! Heath and Mike made a very cute team, Heath got to kick it, then Mike got to kick it, for their combined turn. Heath loved it! He is a little bit obsessed with basketball right now. We tried to get him to put the ball down to play but he carries that ball everywhere! We did a Sesame Street party for him and Auntie Amy made his amazing cake! She is so good!

Heath loves to play with his cousins and the Ginn family, a family in Auntie Amy's neighborhood. The Ginn's have 4 kids about the same age as his cousins and are often all playing together. Heath loves to play with all the big kids! We also love to play with Layla, the cutie just a few months younger than him. He gets to see her during the week and at nursery! 
We love our big boy!

*the video in the last post is now working! sorry about that! and more to come about Grandma and Grandpa B.'s visit!* 

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elizajane said...

Happy Birthday Heath!! Looks like it was a fun party. He is such a cutie!!