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Boise and McCall

We left for Boise on Aug. 8th and from there we went to McCall for a week with Mike's family. It has been a while but I've been waiting to post about it until I could find my camera with the pictures on it. We had a really good time. When we were in Boise we went to the Shakespeare Festival and saw The Tempest and we went for a very long bike ride...I was so dead at the end of it. We rode on this trail that they call the green-belt. It goes along a river and through the city. It was a pretty ride. I love my bike. When we were in McCall we spent some time at the Lake. Linda, Nater, and Will like to water ski. I like to ride on the boat for a little bit but I haven't tried water skiing, and I'm just fine with that. Everyone else stays on the "beach" and swims in the lake. Mike like to play a fun game with the girls called "Dolphin Snacks." The girls love it. They throw goldfish at Mike who plays a hungry dolphin. When we weren't at the Lake we went swimming in the pool or watching the Disney Channel.
Mike and Audrey preferred to watch with their goggles on...it didn't last too long though but it was hilarious. We did lots of other fun things too, more bike riding, jogging, tennis, and we went to a paint your own pottery place. We also got to see our new little nephew Jack. He was born late July so he was just a couple weeks old...but he was cute!
As soon as we got home we started packing and moving things over to our new place. Now we're in the organizing stage as we try to get everything in its place. Its a lot easier this time around since we have the extra rooms and storage. Next week everything should be in place. I can't wait.

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AshbyFamily said...

It is so nice when everything has a place to go. Getting and being organized is so nice!