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Finally, another post!

Its been so long since I've posted! I don't have any good pictures yet, so I feel silly posting without pictures....thats no fun! oh well. There's not much to report about. Mike started school and so far is keeping up with his classes. I'm working on getting some new clients. I had one new lady call today so thats a good sign. We are just about done getting things hung up, and put away where we want them at the new apartment. And other than that we haven't done a whole lot. We are starting to exercise more since we signed up for the Lehi rec center. It's so much more fun to go to the gym with Mike. We're trying to decide when we can come for Christmas and whether or not we should drive or fly. We need to check out Mike's school schedule and see what kind of break he gets. Last year he had about 3 weeks...so I'm hoping for that again. And that's the exciting life of Emily and Mike...we're going to have to do something really cool just so I can blog about it!


Teresa said...

Hey Emily! It's good to hear from you again! I wish I could make plans to go to CA for Christmas! You'll have to plan to have some fun for me! Keep blogging 'cause I keep reading!

Steph! said...

Hi Emily! I love reading your blog, even if you don't have pictures :) Hope to see you at christmas sometime!