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Snow Day!

These are the cute neighborhood kids...left to right: Bridger, Shay, McKayla,and William. Bridger is my favorite...he can't say his R's so it took me a long time to figure out his name becuase I kept hearing Bwidga when I would ask his name. His sister Shay has the same speech problem but I think she's growing out of it. They are super fun kids. We spent Sunday afternoon building this snowman while Mike shoveled the walks. Tammy might recognize the scarf! I used to see the kids a lot when the weather was good but they're not out as much now so it was fun to play again.

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Tammy said...

how much do i love that you play with the neighbor kids? you guys are so great. love the scarf...looks good on the snowman! can't wait to see you soon!