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Ahhhh to have Tammy's hair

I stole this picture from Tammy's blog because I have to point something out. Do you see Tammy's hair? I love it. When I curl my hair and try to look pretty, the goal in mind is to have big voluminous waves streaming from my head like hers. But do I ever get that? of course not. Now look at my hair. That is what I get anytime I try for big pretty hair. Flat nothingness. But it doesn't stop me from trying at least once a week to get that Tammy look.


Tammy said...

big pretty hair?!? who? me? I KNOW! (that was me channeling jesse.)
thanks em! i'm glad you like my hair! i figure that if i must live with my huge chin and tiny mouth that i'm entitled to pretty hair every now and then...right? this was really just one good hair day out of A LOT of bad ones!

Teresa said...

You are both beautiful! I love the picture!

Ashby Family said...

I really like that picture of the three of you!