Welcome to our family blog. This is for us to keep track of the fun we have day to day, and for the family and friends out there who like to hear about it. Hope you enjoy!


So much has happened since our last post. Here is a quick recap of what we've been up to, and probably not in chronological order since I can't remember when we did all this stuff

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary in Newbury Port, MA. It was a super cute little town. It reminded me of Ojai in that it was a little tourist destination. It was easy and fun to just walk up and down the streets while going in and out of some cute little shops. We spent our few days there just relaxing and taking it easy. No major outings which I liked because we were able to just spend so much time walking, talking, and laughing. We went for a few walks along the beach. It was a little cold but so pretty. And we hit up a Jurassic Mini Golf course. Love those dinosaurs.

A beautiful walkway to the beach

Mini putt-putt is dangerous!

Mike's brother Rob and his wife Tonja were nice enough to let us join them for a weekend trip to Lake Winepesake to celebrate Tonja's birthday in May. We stayed in a little cottage near the lake. On a Saturday morning during the trip Rob rented a boat because Tonja wanted to water ski for her birthday and I got to ride in the boat. I had no desire to trying skiing. I've never done it, it doesn't look like fun, and the water was way to cold to even think about getting in it. So I made my job to be looking fabulous on the boat. I even bought some really sparkly sandals to make sure I did my job well. I had a great time just going for the ride. Thanks Rob and Tonja!

so sparkly!

Mike lounging on the boat

Mike's brother Will came up to Boston from Kansas for a little visit. He had come up for a baseball convention in New York(sorry Will if I'm not calling it the right thing), and made an extended side trip to Boston for a visit. It was really fun to have him here. We love it when family comes! I some how didn't get any pictures of Will while he was here, but I did get Mike to dress up as a pirate.
Pirate Mike

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I've made it to the top 10 trainers at FitCorp for the month of June. I just wanted to be the first girl on the trainer ranking list and I did it and was 5th out of about 50 trainers company wide. Who knows if I'll be there again anytime soon but June was a good training month.

Mike finished his summer term at school with ALL A's. He is such a smartie although he refuses to believe it. Now he gets a break from school till the end of August which means he has become my chauffeur to and from work, my own personal cook, my house keeper, and my laundry doer. I feel very spoiled but also very jealous of his summer break!

We also went to Kansas to spend time with my family and Mike's brother Will for 4th of July. I got to take a whole week off work and spend all that time playing with nieces and nephews, my sisters, and my parents. Mike and I love going to Teresa's house. Even when we just stayed in doors and played at her home we had a great time. Thanks so much for having us!

4th of July sunburned and happy

goofy dad

at the airplane museum

cute girls at the airplane museum

LOVE my sisters! this photo makes me cry. miss you all lots!


Teresa said...

Love all your pictures- so glad you got to come to Kansas. Now come back here. Right now! I mean it!

Tammy said...

oooh...teresa's getting bossy again! she already bossed me and said i had to come back too. guess we have to go!

you guys have great adventures! and i love that you do it in sparkly shoes!

miss you tons...can't wait til december!!!