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to my sisters

I realize that comments from my last post are not only because I'm so lovable but also because I'm the baby of the family, which I love! But there is another side to being the baby, especially when you have 3 older sisters that are as sweet, talented, and beautiful as mine. With the sister on the far left being me, this video sums up a good portion of how I feel what the 4 of us must be like when I'm around all my sisters at once. I showed Teresa and Amy this during the Kansas trip, don't think Tammy saw it with us. No disrespect to those to actually have big foreheads and small hands! Love you sisters!


Leslie said...

If you think being the baby sister is hard...try being the sister in law to 4 super talented, and beautiful sisters!!! This sketch is HILARIOUS! Have you seen the other one? It's creepy funny. Good Post! :)

Mean Mom In Training (Tammy) said...

i have seen this before and it's sooo funny! i thought i was "big forehead and small hands girl" though! love you baby em!
les...the other one is very funny too! and i love you too!

The Burke's said...

Em, you always crack me up. It's not bad being the normal sister. Love the video, you funny, funny girl.