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Mike and I are so lucky to have two brand new neices! Lucky for us we live close to one, little Ellen, and we'll get to meet baby Abby this August. The pictures are of each of us with little Ellen. She is so little and cute and I love to hold her. She makes these really sweet baby sounds that make Mike go "ooooohhh" and smile every time he hears them. We can't wait to hold Nater's baby Abby. If you want to see her baby she has some great videos on her blog, there's a link to it on the list to the right. Yay for babies! We have about 5 weeks left till our boy should be here, I'm getting so antsy!


Tammy said...

you guys look like naturals!

Annie said...

Awwww! Cute pics!
We're getting so excited for you, since you're up next! :)