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Still in Utah

This blogging thing is getting a little easier, still not sure how to do everything but I'm getting more used to it. Mike and I found out recently that we will most likely be staying in Utah for one more year. I think it would be fun to just pack up and go somewhere...anywhere but utah. We aren't attached to anything here but our jobs and jobs can be found almost anywhere. But he wants to stay and finish his Business Minor this next school year, and I know I would miss all the people I'm working with...so Utah it is. We get to go to Boise this weekend. Mike's sister Annie is having a baby shower for her first boy. Mike has already bought him some little NIKE slippers so he's excited to give them to Annie. We've been trying to figure out when we can go to California this year before Christmas. We'll definately have to go when Leslie has her little girl, but that's so far away. We are looking forward to going to Kansas. Mike and I aren't eating any desserts until we get to Kansas and have Maggie Moo's there...so watch out because I'm going to get a HUGE waffle cone...yum. And I'm so excited to show Mike Kansas fireworks...its going to be great! I can't wait to see you all!!!

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