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High School Musical Madness!

Jesse was reading in a magazine I bought her that the second High School Musical movie was filmed at Salt Lake City East High School. She was so excited to just be in the same state as the high school that we had to take her over to see it. I don't think she realizes how close Ventura is to Hollywood though...or she would be a lot more excited about living in Ventura. So we found the high school, and I found us a way into the high school. Jesse found some of the spots that take place in the movie...She was so excited to stand where Sharpay sings in the movie. So we took lots of pictures and picked up a sovineer (<----spelling?). After going out to lunch we are now back at the gym for a few hours of work. And tonight we'll do FHE. Mike and I were calling it "family night" and Jesse will have none of it...she has reminded us many times that its called "FHE" because that's what her mom writes on the calendar. So I think we are going to play Phase 10 for FHE and possible watch the first High School Musical...needless to say, Mike is very excited about it.

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amyndodd said...

That is so cool!!! I bet Jesse was so happy!! Mike is such a good sport to go High School Musical crazy with Jesse.