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Jesse has some awesome luck!!!

I can't believe the luck Jesse has. In the last two days she's won a prize almost everywhere we go. Yesterday it was the Tiger and the sticky hand at Lagoon, and today it was the huge yellow teddy bear at seven peaks. Seven peaks is the largest water park in Utah and it happens to be just a couple of minutes away from my house. Jesse really liked the lazy river and the wave pool. I had to bribe her to get on a water slide. I told her I'd give her $2 if she didn't like it and if she did she could have $1. When we got off the slide I ask her if she liked it and she wouldn't say yes but she did want to go on it 2 more times. She knew if she said she liked it she wouldn't get $2...so she never admitted she liked it, but she did go back for more. We also went to Target today and we got Jesse a white pajama shirt to match the penguin pajama pants I made for her. She looked so cute in her new pajamas we took a picture of her in them holding all her prizes...we are having so much fun!


amyndodd said...

How fun!! I want to spend two weeks with Emily!

ME! said...

jesse you are so cute! and spoiled! you are lucky to have such a good auntie. thanks em for taking such good care of her! love you!