Welcome to our family blog. This is for us to keep track of the fun we have day to day, and for the family and friends out there who like to hear about it. Hope you enjoy!



Today Jesse and I went to Lagoon, an amusement park just north of Salt Lake City. We had a great time going on roller coasters, watching shows, and playing games. We saw three shows, an 80's music show, a show called Rock U2 the top, and another show called On Broadway. Jesse loved the shows. We went on lots of roller coasters...As I get older I get more and more scared of riding roller coasters so I ended up yelling more than Jesse on most of them. Before we left Jesse played some carnival type games and she won a little stuffed tiger throwing darts at balloons...she's holding it in the picture. So now we are exhausted again but excited for tomorrow.

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