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Kansas and Jesse!

Mike and I went to Kansas for a whole week, it was so much fun. While we were in Kansas we spent time hanging out with my family doing all sorts of fun things...My favorite was definately watching my little nieces and nephews play and getting to play with them. I love those kids, which is why I'm so happy that Jesse came back to Utah with me and Mike. She gets to spend a whole week with us in Utah. We've only been back about 6 hours but I think Jesse is already having a ton a fun. We went to Color Me Mine and she painted a very cute ceramic box, Mike painted a vase, and I painted 5 mini tiles...and now she is loving the Eliptical Machine at my gym...so cute! We only got 2 and a half hours of sleep last night, at the most...I don't know where she is getting the energy to fly on that machine while I'm dying just trying to type this blog, but I think she's going to sleep really good tonight.

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