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Time to post again

Tammy and Amy did a great job covering Christmas...so I feel like I don't need to do the same since it won't be anything new...but we did have a great Christmas in california...i miss everyone there! Since we've been back in Utah Mike has started up a new semester of school, and I've been trying to get my clients back into the exercising routine...some are very resistant but I'm thankful for the ones who were antsy for me to come back. Mike's brother Will stayed with us last week and it was really fun having him with us. We got together with Nater and Landon a couple of times and played games and had treats, one of my favorite things to do. Mike, Will and I also went sledding...it was the 2nd time in my life that I went and the first time where you have to run back up the hill yourself. The first time I went that i can remember was 2 Christmases ago I went with Mike's family to a ski resort near Boise and they give you a huge tube to do down a huge hill on and then they hook your tube back up to the pulley system and you ride back up the hill too! much slower of course than going down the hill but still fun. I think I liked running back up the hill better though...it made the ride down seem worth more. No pictures though...sorry!


Tammy said...

i want to take my kids sledding! i think they would love it. so cal doesn't have much snow though. we'll have to come to utah!!!

Teresa said...

Come to Kansas - we have snow this week!