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Fun Friday!

Today started off a little slow for Jesse. I made her go with me to Lowe's once Mike had left for school so we could buy some supplies to make him a closet before he got home. Within 2 and half hours we had gone to the store, bought everything we needed for the closet, and had it up and ready for him when he got home. Jesse helped out a lot! I had the wood cut at the store but we had to cut the dowel for the hangers back at home. Jesse even helped hold the wood still while I cut it with Mike's jigsaw...no worries Tammy, we were very very safe! So all I have left is to make him a curtain for the closet to hide everything...I'll post a picture when it's all done. Then Jesse and I planned to meet Mike on the subway and go to the Boston children's museum so we headed for the T stop where the train was to pick us up. When we left the apartment the sky was gray but that was all...then within a few minutes there was the loudest thunder and the brightest lightening that I've heard and seen in years! There was an accident of some sort on the road so the trains had been stopped for almost 2 hours where we were at and by the time it took us to find that out and call Mike which was just a few minutes we were soaked. The rain started hard instantly and we had to run back home and change into dry clothes. So we waited for the weather to clear before we headed back out for the museum. During that time we played some monopoly and Jesse watched a little high school musical on the computer. She was zoned out once we turned that on. Mike tried getting her attention for about 10 minutes and she was clueless...but I guess that's what happens when you sit 5 inches away from the screen. Anyways, The museum was awesome. and as if I needed another reason to love Target, they help out the museum on Friday nights and let everyone get in for just 1 dollar! I love Target! I took a ton of pictures at the museum and through out the day so I had to do a slide to get more of them on this thing.

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Tammy said...

i love those hands on museums! looks like you had a lot of fun. thanks for making jesse work too!