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another fun day with Jesse!

today was a great day. Jesse and I went to get her hair cut. It is soooo cute. She also did quite a bit of sewing on her bears new outfit that she also designed all by herself. I'm impressed with how much of the sewing she can do just by me saying where to sew it. She is getting pretty good. Last year we made a dress and she only did straight lines after I had it all set up for her but this time she is starting the seams, turning corners, ending the seams, even gather fabric along the thread. She is doing great. We'll post a picture of her sewing soon...I didn't think to take one of that today. woops. When Mike was done with school we did a classic Boston tourism attraction called Duck tours. It's a pretty fun ride on this car/boat and the tour guide takes you around boston on land then drives right into the charles river and you get a tour by water as well. They call the vehicles ducks because that was their nikname when they were used in the 1940s as war vehicles. Jesse even got to drive out duck when it was in the water! After our duck tour we came home and played a little monopoly and now its time for bed. We don't have a plan for tomorrow yet but I'm sure its going to be another fun day.

this picture showed her layers the best. but they're still a little hard to see.

such cute hair

Jesse in front of our duck

Jesse and Mike in the duck

Jesse driving the duck!


Tammy said...

i LOVE the hair! she looks a lot older than i did at nine and a half. thanks for spoiling her some more today!

Ashby Family said...

You are such a fun auntie! Maybe one day Sara can come visit too. :)

Steph! said...

I love the hair cut! So Cute :)