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So much has happened!

Since the last time I posted Mike and I have traveled across the country twice! The first started when we flew from Utah to Florida and back at the end of May, then within 2 days we drove to California with a U-haul to drop off some items that didn't make the cut to go to Boston with us. The second cross country trip started after about 10 days in California we drove back to Utah, picked up an even bigger U-haul, packed all our belongings in it and started for Boston. We stayed with Mike's sister Nater in Utah for a day in a half,which was great, then we drove straight through to Teresa's house in Kansas. Teresa and her family were still in California having fun and Todd was in China so it was really odd to be excited that I was at Teresa's house but sad because she wasn't there! Mike's brother, Will, lives about 30 minutes away from Teresa so we stayed 2 nights at Teresa's house and hung out with Will for a couple days. It was so nice to stay there and rest from all the driving we had already done. We planned a few stops for our trip from Kansas to Boston. We wanted to check out Nauvoo, the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and Kirtland. So we headed for Nauvoo. Turned out though that everywhere along the Mississippi river was crazy flooded so getting across the Mississippi to Nauvoo turned out to be really tricky. We ended up going to Fort Madison to get over the river but they had detour signs right before the bridge. At first we followed the detour signs but they didn't lead anywhere helpful. We ended up talking to a prison guard to happened to be a reserve policeman and he called someone and they said to just ignore the detour signs and go straight to the bridge. So we did and it ended working great! So we got to Nauvoo and stayed the night then look at the sights there the next day. Then we drove as far as Toledo and stayed the night then the next day we did the Rock and roll hall of fame and saw the church sites in Kirtland then we drove as far as we could and stayed just a few hours before we started the last leg of trip. We finally made it to Boston last Tuesday and we had everything unpacked in our new apartment by the evening with the help of Mike's brother Rob and his wife Tonja who live about 30 minutes away. So we've been here for a week and we are still unpacking and getting organized. The most excited thing that has happened since we've been here though is the Arrival of JESSE!!! She came late last night and is staying for a whole week and we are so excited to play! Today was a big first day for us. We slept in late but once we got moving we did a ton of stuff. We started with Jesse's first subway ride from our apartment to the Boston public garden where we rode the swan boats. the boats hold about 20 people and it is propelled by a worker pedaling and his pedals are hidden by a big swan. The ride only last about 15 minutes but it was a fun ride around the pond at the garden. Then we started walking the freedom trail which is marked by either paint or red bricks and Jesse only wanted to walk right on the trail no where else. Along the trail we stopped at the Boston Common, Park St. Church and Granary Burying Ground, Old South Meeting House and Faneuil Hall. We passed many other historical site but we didn't stop at all of them. We also stopped at build-a-bear, not historical, but very fun. Then we jumped back on the subway right before it started pouring rain. At home tonight Jesse watched a movie with Mike while I unpacked the kitchen and currently she is picking out fabric from my collection that we'll use to make her new bear an outfit. She should probably be in bed since it's almost midnight but what would be fun about that?

Jesse's first subway ride!

Me, Mike and Jesse on the Swan Boat

Two swan boats!

Jesse would ONLY walk exactly on the trail.

Jesse in front of Benjamin Franklin's parent's gravesite.

Jesse watching a street performer doing a Magic show. She wanted to watch the whole thing and she really wanted his how-to dvd so of course we got it for her. I know it's not a new thing for Jesse to get what she wants but its just so much fun to buy her things! So when the magician said he had a how-to dvd and Jesse looked up at me and smiled really really big I just couldn't help it!

Mike and Jesse at build a bear.

We had such a fun day today! I can't wait for tomorrow!


amyndodd said...

So Fun!!! I want stay with you for a week!

Tammy said...

it'd be so much easier to say no to that girl if she wasn't so dang cute! i shoulda made ugly kids...then i could say no to them and beat them!

thanks for taking such good care of her! keep blogging!!!

Teresa said...

I wanna come stay with Emily for a week! You three are crazy funny!