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Mom + Dad + Me + Mike + Boston = fun!

September is already half way over. Which means mom and dad are almost here! I have been calling them almost everyday just to see what state they are in. I'm taking two days off work next week just so I can play with them, its going to be lots of fun. Mike and I have been brainstorming ideas of what we can show them. There are so many options and they may already have plans of their own but I have a few favorite places I want to take them to. So I'll share those in today's post:

1. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Mike and I first went to this Museum in September of '06 when we went to Boston to visit Rob and Tonja. My favorite part of this unique museum is the atrium right in the middle of the mansion. Year round it looks and feels like spring. They always have beautiful plants and flowers. When we were in Boston for Mike's interview in Feb we went back to the Museum and the atrium was a major reason I felt I could survive the winters in Boston. I know I'll have a place to go if I need a little spring when everything is covered with snow.

2. Mike's Pastries

If it wasn't for Mike's Pastries I would probably be 10lbs thinner! Mike and I go there to get the amazing cannoli. We usually get two each...one to eat there and one to eat at home. We call the second our "take home." Sometimes we each get two take homes! Tina made Mike at me Cannolies at Tammy's house probably more than a year ago and they were also very good. I was telling her about Mike's Pastries and how much we loved cannolies and two seconds later she had cannoli shells in a package and she was whipping up the delicious insides. I love Tina! Who else has cannoli shells with them and can whip them up in minutes?!

3. The Subway

The subway is probably the least glamorous place in Boston but I still think it is really cool. You can get nearly anywhere between the subway and a few minutes walk. We live right next to a subway stop on one of the green lines so its really easy for us to get from our place to say...Mike's pastries in the North End! It is a little dirty and I have been brushed up against a little too close one time (Mike was ready to punch the guy) but now that I know how to be a little safer and I am a little more aware it doesn't worry me. So I'm sure I'll take Mom and Dad on a couple Subway rides around the town as we go from sight to sight.

There's much more I like about Boston. I like thinking about all the different places to go here so I'll try to post more of them later. Maybe I'll do a monthly Boston post! It'll be a little family journal of what Mike and I like in Boston...thanks for the idea Leslie!


Leslie said...

Lucky!! That will be so fun for you guys to be together! Have a great time.

Nater said...

Have fun with your parents! I thought you might like to know that Anne is on facebook. Also, check out our blog. We changed things and are trying to be more diligent about it.