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Two sets of parents....sorry no pictures yet

So I need to post an entire month! Here goes:

At the end of September Mom and Dad FINALLY got to Boston. We had such a fun time with them although the weather was horrible while they were here. It was very rainy and dreary, and on top of that Mike and I were sick so it was hard keeping up with mom and dad during our outings. We did some pretty cool stuff such as the Salem Witch Museum, The Freedom Trail, Mike's Pastries, a driving tour of Boston, and we even cooked hot dogs and smore's over a fire at mom and dad's campsite. I wish they could have stayed longer but I think they were itching to get to Teresa's house...I guess I have to share.

The beginning of October was still a little rough for us. Mike got over the first illness but then got sick all over again with this weird tonsil swelling thing. He could barely talk his tonsils were so big! He had to stay home from school for another week and I was just so glad that I didn't have tonsils so there was no way for me to get whatever he had.

Just after we got over all the sickies Mike's parents came into town. They were here for a convention of some sort for Mike's dad but we got to see them in the evenings. We did some fun things with them too. We went to this big showcase/production thing at the boston public library, we went out to eat a lot, we also went to Mike's pastries, and we went hiking in New Hampshire.

The past month has been fun and now we are looking forward to a weekend with nothing on the schedule! it's going to be a great lazy weekend!


Nater said...

I want to see some pictures! I hear it is beautiful out there these days. Let me know when you see High School Musical 3!

Cody said...

I miss grandma...