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Awsome Birthday!

For my 25th birthday I took the day off work anticipating that while Mike was at school I would go shopping and do just some fun stuff on my own. That didn't happen, because I was soooo sore from an exercise class I took the day before that I literally laid in bed to achy to do anything. This wasn't just a regular workout soreness. It was the hardest workout of my life! I was so sore that a small yawn hurt the muscles in between each of my ribs. So I stayed in bed and watched a movie and knitted while Mike at school. When he got home I opened my presents from him and he made me pancakes with Huckleberry syrup YUM! Later in the evening we did go out to eat and Mike took me to a bakery called Sugar. I was drooling just looking at all the treats. We got two cupcakes for my birthday cake. Mine was milky way and his was caramel, so good! And that was my awesome birthday!


Teresa said...

Happy, happy birthday, Emily Dear! Those cupcakes look so yummy! Hope you are not so sore anymore.

MMIT (tam) said...

waahhhhaaa! i wanna be with you on your birthday every year! i HATE boston. i HEART santa barbara though!

Annie said...

Holy yummyness! Those look amazing! Glad you had a good b-day despite the soreness!:) See you in a few days!