Welcome to our family blog. This is for us to keep track of the fun we have day to day, and for the family and friends out there who like to hear about it. Hope you enjoy!


Christmas at the Bishop Apartment

This is my glitzy tree from the $1 store, and a nativity I made from clay.

This is our mini Christmas tree that I bought for our first Christmas complete with Mike's presents below it wrapped in Trader Joe paper bags. It is loaded with about 1/2 of my ornaments from baby to now. In the background you will see a snow man on the right from Mike's mom and a snow man on the left from my mom. Thanks moms!

Mike's parents like to give away snow man gifts at Christmas. This was the snow man gift from a couple years ago. I like its stick arms.

red ornaments hanging in my living room windows, I don't ever want to take them down!

My good friend and past client in Utah, Anne Bowen, gave these blocks to me last year. Her daughter made them and I think they are great!

Mom painted me this super cute nativity set years ago and I love it...are they called Russian dolls where they stack into each other?

One of my stockings that Mike's mom made for me 2 years ago. Thank you Linda!

Mike's stocking that I made for him last year

One of my presents this year from my Mom. I love it! thank you!


Teresa said...

I like all the deorations! The ornaments in the windows is very clever and pretty. I don't think you need to take them down - They'll be nice for Valentine's day, 4th of July...

MMIT (tam) said...

lurve the bishop apartment! i think i'll do a clobes house post too...i forget how much stuff we have that people have made or given us. it's a nice way to bemember.

Annie said...

Very very cute! I too like the window ornaments. What a clever idea! I say leave them up! :)