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Our first Clam Bake at Crane Beach

Mike's brother Rob, with his wife Tonja, invited us to join their ward for a Clam Bake. I guess it's a very New England thing to do so it was about time we tried it! The ward was offering clams for everyone and Lobsters for $7, super cheap! Mike ordered 1 Lobster and I had NO desire to even try it. While waiting for the lobster we stayed closer to the beach and flew our kite. Tammy gave Mike this kite a couple years ago for Christmas and I'm embarrassed to say that this was the first time we used it! We've either not had good weather for it or we've forgotten to take it with us on good weather beach days. Luckily we remembered it yesterday because the wind was great! Mike had never flown a stunt kite before but he LOVED it. We had a ton of fun! Thanks Rob and Tonja for inviting us and thanks Tam for the kite! We had a great day.

Here's a few of Mike flying the kite

Mike did so good getting the kite close to ground with out crashing, this picture doesn't do a great job of showing it but its the best I could get

there were too many people around to let more line out but we were still able to do a lot with it

A few pictures of me flying the kite

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

It was also Rob's first go at flying a stunt kite, we were all laughing like crazy!

Mike showing off his and Tonja's lobsters, poor little guys

Mike getting his first clam ready

Mike and Tonja enjoying the lobsters!


Annie said...

Looks like you guys had SO much fun! I would have loved to see Rob fly a stunt kite! Have we ever told you about the time he rode a mechanical bull?!?
I'm glad you got to go to the clam bake! :) I wish I could come visit you again..... :)

Lauren said...

That looks like such fun! I would just love to go do a clam bake on the east coast one day. How fun!

Grandma's Blog said...

Dad says he wouldn't mind going to a clam bake (and ordereing pizza). Maybe the next time we are on the East coast. So what does a vegetarian eat at a clam bake? We'll have to have a huge kite fly in December!!
Love Mom

Teresa said...

I don't ever want to try clams or lobsters, but Todd would love it! I love flying kites - I'm glad you taught Mike! Looks like a great beach day.

Mean Mom In Training (Tammy) said...

yay for kites! so glad you finally got a chance to use it. we LOVE stunts kites...can't believe mike's never flown one. i remember todd, i think, flying amy's HUGE one and it lifting him off the ground. of course, that's always our goal now when we fly kites! btw...ew to clams and lobster.

Nater said...

New post please!