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Happy 1 week Birthday Heath!

Heath is one week old today. He is growing up too fast! Where did this week go?? We learn more and more about him everyday and fall more in love with everyday. It's a good thing Mike has the summer off school because it's been hard for him to let go of baby Heath when it's time to study or do his school work. He loves to hold and snuggle his baby and I think it's the sweetest thing to see. Here are the favorite pictures of Heath's first week. Thanks to everyone for leaving such nice comments on the last post. They have been so fun to read.

Heath's first bath
Love his monkey feet!
So sweet
one of Mike's favorites
one of my favorites, going into a yawn
He has the cutest little face.
And he has dimples! and this one is the smaller of the two! He can thank his daddy for those! 


Tammy said...

this boy KILLS me! if he ends up with dimples AND curly hair... i. will. die. :)

Teresa said...

LOOOOOVE him! I gotta get there soon. I'm just itching to snuggle him up.

amyndodd said...

His dimples are so cute!! I love all the pictures! More please!

Nater said...

I can't believe those dimples! How did he get two when Mike only has one? I can't wait to meet him!

Linda said...

Thanks for more pictures- We love them! They are all great- but Grandpa especially likes the one where he is about to yawn and I love the dimples- he's really filling out- What a cutie! Can't wait to hold him!

Annie said...

What a cute little guy!!! Those dimples are too cute!!! It took me THREE tries to get a child with ONE small dimple (Jack). Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

Breann said...

Oh Em...I love the one with him yawning...you will treasure that one for sure! When will I get to see him...are you guys coming out to Ojai ever? I miss you...all my love to you! And feel well and rest as much as you can!

Victor and Camilla Broderick said...

He's beautiful!!! I love those dimples! Your pictures look amazing, Emily. I really, really, really want a nice camera now.