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1 month old

Heath had his 1 month Doctor visit on Friday and these are his new stats... 9lbs 7oz and 21 3/4 inches! I've been yapping about how he's been growing and the proof of it today appeared when his super-cute newborn sized monkey t-shirt couldn't cover his belly button anymore. It was a sad but more so an exciting moment. Mike and I did his 1 month photos last week, and I did some solo shots of him in his blessing outfit recently, hope you enjoy!
1 month old Heath and Long Nose
we tried hard to capture a smile, he is smiling more each day so it should get easier
Mike has titled this photo "Best Friends." It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Heath in his blessing outfit. Designed by his dad, made by his mom.
front yoke detail 
love the piping in the pants (my mom did that part, thanks mom!)
what a stud! we love this boy.


Nater said...

Cute! I love the suit and he seems to be getting chubbier!

Linda said...

I love the pictures! I miss Heath! Give him a hug for me.

Annie said...

Cute pictures!! I can't believe he's already over 9 pounds! I love the "best friends" shot w/ long nose! :) Also, thanks for posting more blessing outfit shots. I have been excited to see them---so cute! See you SOON!!!

Teresa said...

I love it! He's adorable with Long Nose! The blessing outfit is great - a work of art!

Wenona said...

Love the pictures. He's so cute!!!! What a great outfit!