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6 weeks old!

More than not fitting in his newborn clothes, Heath is showing signs of growing up. Thanks to Mike, Heath is getting better at holding his head up. Mike has him on a daily strength routine of baby squats and body stabilization exercises, it's very cute to watch. Mike also has him listening to "his" music. Right now the focus is on The White Stripes. Heath doesn't cry when its on so I feel ok with it. I've been trying out reading time and dance time in the mornings. It keeps me awake when he is awake and we are currently working out a routine to The Beatles song, Here Comes the Sun. We're thankful for our healthy baby who is growing bigger, stronger and squishier everyday. I didn't realize I took a lot of close-up photos this last week until organizing them to post here. I'll remember to take more full body shots this coming week so you can see how he is filling out.
Sweet sleepy baby. See how his wrist is disappearing? I love it.
 This baseball onesie has been my favorite on him. It is now too small but he had to wear it one last time to watch Mike and I "play" baseball last week.
Exhausted from the baseball watching. 

Comparing this picture to earlier weeks shows how his little cheeks are getting squishier. I love to kiss them!

We're on vacation next week with Mike's family. We are so excited to see everyone again and meet Heath's cousin, Abby. No doubt I'll have a gazillion pictures to share when we come back.


Grandma's Blog said...

He's a cutie! Glad to see Heath growing. I wish I could hold him.
Grandpa Ashby

Teresa said...

Squish him for me!

Annie said...

So adorable!!! See you this week!!! :):):):)