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Bishop Family Reunion

Mike and I just got back from an awesome family vacation with his side of the family. This is what happened...
 After staying one night at Uncle Al and Aunt Debbie's home we did a quick tour of Seattle's music scene. Above is The Off Ramp/El Corazon. Pearl Jam did their first show there under the name Mookie Blaylock.
The Crocodile. Many bands Mike enjoys have played here.
The Moore...another common venue.
Easy Street Records. It's a West Seattle record store. Pearl Jam played there and Mike says Eddie Vedder shops there.
Mike teaching Heath how to browse for records.
Still at Easy Street...like a kid in a candy shop

Then we headed up to Uncle Al's "cabin" on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound to meet up with Mike's family. It was amazing! We got to stay there for a week and a few days. So so so fun. Thank you Uncle Al and Aunt Debbie for letting us stay at your beautiful vacation home.
 This is the beautiful view from the patio. 
We went to the cabin a couple of days before most of Mike's family came to meet up with Tiffany. She lives in Portland, OR and drove all the way to see us! Thanks for coming Tiff!
On the hammock enjoying the view.
The best part of the view on the hammock was looking at sleeping baby Heath.
 We got to meet Heath's cousin Abby for the first time. Here they are in their Sunday clothes. Abby is just over 3 months old here and Heath is 7 weeks.
Our first day with the whole family together we went to a beach and did a little kayaking. Above is Aunt Tonja and Grandma Bishop with the baby girls in their super cute little swimsuits.
We also did a family outing to Seattle. I really liked walking around the shops and seeing the fish throwing at the Public Market Center.
The very tall Space Needle
During our day in Seattle we visited the EMP, Experience Music Project. It had lots of cool exhibits. This is Annie and me in front of The Supreme's stage costumes.
Heath wearing one of Mike's baby outfits.
Smiles! During this trip Heath began smiling at us pretty much every time he made eye contact with us. It is so fun to make him smile, it's my favorite thing to do right now.
More of my little guy
My boys
The family traveled to Coupeville. Mike and I really like the Northwest Indian art that we saw there like the design behind us.
Abby and Heath again giving Nater and I the same look.
Heath, Ellen, and Abby! Cousins are so fun.
Ellen and Heath. Ellen didn't want to sit up so this is the best I could get, but they are still so cute!
Cousin Allie and Heath. Look at that smile, I can't get over it!
The whole Bishop clan. We had so much fun with everyone. We feel so lucky to have such a great family. Thank you mom and dad Bishop for planning this great trip! We miss you all!


Tammy said...

aaaaagh! i NEED this baby to come see me! his smile kills me. bring him to me...now! :)

Ben Ashby said...

Don't listen to Tammy. Heath needs to come here so we can see him! Even with my separated shoulder and torn hamstring, I will fight Tammy for him!

Miss you Em.


Wenona said...

Heath needs to come to Ojai!!!!

Living the Life.... said...

I can't believe you were blocks from my house!! Looks like you had a great trip! Next year if you come again, we'll have to meet up! Heath is growing so fast!