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Heath is 3 weeks today!

Heath has had an exciting third week of life. He is now 7lbs 8oz and his doctor said "he looks perfect." We couldn't agree more with her. Here are the favorite photos from this last week.
Napping with Grandma Ashby
Hanging out with Grandpa Ashby
So, it's not Heath but sooo funny. Jesse tricked Mike and gave him a sour gumball. Mike doesn't tolerate sour well at all so I made sure to have the camera ready. sorry Mike!
Heath's first non-sponge bath. He cried for most of it but this look just broke my heart. I think he looks so confused as to why I would do this to him.
I love my boys
This was right after his blessing. I'll post more close ups of his amazing outfit soon. Before we could get some of just him he decided to do a number 3.
me and my baby
While everyone went out to see Boston's awesome fireworks I stayed home and took more pictures of Heath. I love these because Teresa knitted him the adorable hat and booties. He is so cute in them, thank you Auntie Teresa!


Teresa said...

Aww! He's adorable! We busted up watching the #3 video! Heath couldn't be THAT bad! I love the pic of him wearing the hat & booties!

amyndodd said...

He is getting too big! Tell him to stop so I can see him tiny! Did you make his outfit? The red trim is cute.

Leslie said...

He is so gorgeous!! I'm so jealous that Ben is coming out this weekend. We love you!


Annie said...

Soooo cute!!!
I can't wait to see more of the blessing outfit! Glad he waited until AFTER the blessing for the #3!!! :)

Living the Life.... said...

I love all the pictures! He is really perfect!

Ben Ashby said...

I watched the number 3 video so many times and laughed so hard everytime.