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My baby is two weeks old

Heath is growing so fast. I can't believe he's been with us for two weeks already. I think Mike and I are still running on some adrenaline because we can be up all day with him and still not want to let go of him and get some sleep when he goes to bed at night. Heath loves to be snuggled all day and we are more than happy to oblige. This is what Heath has been up to this week:

We tried taking some professional looking photos of Heath this week, it was not very easy and we're still learning but we were able to get a couple cute shots. This one is a favorite.

I've been practicing eye contact with him. I think he is responding to our voices a little bit more each day.

He has created a routine of stretches after each feeding. We call it his Tai Chi.

Mike and I went on our first outing without Heath. We took off to Target and left baby with Grandma. Thanks Grandma!! I left a bottle of milk ready just in case and am so glad I did because before we got home Heath's belly was rumbling and Grandma got to give him his first bottle meal. 

We got home in time for Mike to finish him off.

While we were out I had to get Heath a toy and picked out a blue matchbox car for him. Someday he'll like to play with it. Notice the mohawk Mike gave him? I love it!


Teresa said...

He's great! I love his Tai Chi.

Annie said...

He is too cute for words!! I seriously can't wait to hold him!!!! I am happy you are all doing so well! Love you all! :)

Wenona said...

He is adorable. When are you coming to Ojai? I can't wait to see him in person and hold him.