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4 months

Heath turned 4 months old yesterday. These months just keep going by so fast. Does time ever slow down to a normal pace again? I feel like at this rate it's only going to be a matter of days before Heath is moving out and going to college. I've been trying to take advantage of as many little moments with him as I can. Thank goodness for pictures to remind me. I love to go back through all our pictures of him while he is napping because when he sleeps I miss him. I like for him to wake up and play with me. So this is a list of Heath stuff...

  • he started rolling from his tummy to back weeks ago, but just 2 nights ago he did the much harder roll from back to tummy for the first time. I was so happy I got to see it and he didn't do it when I was in another room.
  • He still talks...a lot. Many mornings we wake up to him talking. and he is getting louder too, he lungs are really developing.
  • He can grab some of his toys. We bought him a loopy type ball that he holds on to really well
  • He likes to put toys, hands, and blankets in his mouth.
  • He is sleeping great at night. Depending on when he goes to bed he sleeps for at least 6 hours. Every once in a while he'll do 8 or more hours. We are hoping those nights become more frequent.
  • He still prefers conversation and interacting with us to playing with his toys, but we would prefer that too so it works out well. 
  • Heath has acquired a few more nicknames...bobo, gus gus, and papi
  • He is super cuddly and squishy and we love him to pieces!
This is Heath's most common expression
Sitting up with just a little help!
Smiling at his daddy
Long Nose loves a good hug too.
maybe Heath looks a little like his momma?
this is me at 4 months...
or maybe his daddy?
we're not entirely sure how old Mike is here but he sure is cute!


Annie said...

Adorable!!! I love the pictures of Emily and Mike at Heath's age. My mom could tell you for sure, but I think Mike is 4 months in that picture- I think it was when we were camping in the summer, and Mike got his first tooth. It looks like Heath is a great combo of you both! :)

Linda said...

Annie's right- Mike is 4 months old- and I just discovered his first two teeth! Thanks for the pictures of Heath- I love them!
Happy 4 months, Heath!

Grandma's Blog said...

I love this baby!!!! He looks so happy - must have happy parents!!
Love you all, Mom Asbhy