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ten top 10 lists for 10/10/10

Mike and I were up way too late last night and got excited for no reason for the special date 10/10/10. We decided to commemorate the day with ten top 10 lists. The was a lot of fun for us so we're posting it, but we'd completely understand if its not much fun for others to read. So feel free to skip, more pictures of Heath will be on soon!

Top 10 Books (some only partially read)- Emily
1 Matilda- Rold Dahl
2 East of Eden by John Steinbeck
3 Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks
4 Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
5 Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy by Robert Jourdain
6 Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
7 Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
8 Nancy Drew, The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene
9 The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
10 Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster

Top 10 Songs from 2010
1. Blue Blood Blues- The Dead Weather
2. Big River- Secret Sisters feat. Jack White lead guitar
3. My City of Ruins- Eddie Vedder
4. Walk with Me- Neil Young
5. Come Undone- Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
6. Here, Air- John Frusciante
7. Fistful of Mercy- Fistful of Mercy
8. Ghost Who Walks- Karen Elson
9. Better Days- Eddie Vedder
10. Runnin’ for Cover- Brad

Top 10 Concerts Emily and Mike have been to together
1. The Format- SLC
2. Ben Harper- SLC
3. Steel Train- Malibu
4. Cirkestra- Boston @ The Gardner Museum
5. Piano Soloist- Boston @ The Gardner Museum
6. The Dead Weather- Boston
7. Monkey Grinder- Provo
8. Pearl Jam- Las Vegas
9. Stravinsky & Beethoven- Boston Symphony Orchestra
10. Built to Spill- Boise (Emily really hated this concert. I mean really hated!

Top Boston Restaurants (mix of fast food and sit down)
1. The Parish- Eclectic comfort food
2. The Real Deal- Sandwiches, desserts, appetizers
3. Joseph’s Pizzeria
4. Boloco- Burritos and Smoothies
5. La Guanaca- Pupuseria
6. Center Street Café- Eclectic comfort food…again
7. City Feed and Supply Deli
8. Bukara- Indian
9. Sam La Grassa’s – Sandwiches
10. Bella Luna- I guess we would call this place eclectic comfort food too.

Top 10 Books- Mike
1. 31 Songs- Hornby
2. Into the Wild- Krakaur
3. Great Gatsby- Fitzgerald
4. About a Boy- Hornby
5. Ishmael- Quinn
6. Public Enemies- Burrough
7. To Kill a Mocking Bird- Lee
8. The Stranger- Camus
9. The Twentieth Century- Zinn
10. Huckleberry Finn- Twain

Top 10 Guitarists
1. Jack White
2. Neil Young
3. Ben Harper
4. Doug Marstch
5. John Frusiciante
6. George Harrison
7. Jimi Hendrix
8. Jimmy Page
9. Prince
10. Brett Netson

Top 10 Boston Desserts
1. Chocolate Chip Cannoli- Mike’s Pastry
2. Dipped Chocolate Peanutbutter Cookie Sandwich- Lambert’s
3. Red Velvet Cupcake- Mike’s Pastry
4. Boston Cream Pie- Mike’s Pastry
5. Ice Cream Cones- Kimball Farms
6. Milky Way Cupcake- Sugar Bakery
7. Black & White Cookie- Sugar Bakery
8. Arroz con Leche- La Guanaca
9. Baklava- Pizzi Farms
10. Slurpee- 7-Eleven

Top 10 Sandwich Places According to Mike (No particular order)
1. Sam La Grassa’s- Boston
2. The Real Deal- Boston
3. Mancino’s- Boise
4. Cobby’s- Boise
5. The Hat- Pasadena
6. Gandolfo’s- Provo (Center St. Location only)
7. Peanut Butter Company- New York
8. Kelly’s- Boston
9. Deli George- Boise
10. Carnegie Deli- New York

Top 10 Best Dates for Us
1. Playing baseball at night
2. Playing tennis at night
3. Concert, driving all night to hike the Narrows, hike the Narrows on 15 minutes of sleep, drive back home
4. Emily’s Surprise Birthday dinner at the Melting Pot
5. Making homemade bread bowls (until Mike’s roommates came over)
6. Steel Drum concert on BYU campus
7. Going to the Boston Symphony Orchestra
8. Top of the Hub Restaurant minus the food for Emily (The Prudential Building)
9. Eric Ericsson’s, beach, and pier
10. Surprise Steel Train Concert in Malibu

Top 10 Songs of our Childhoods
1. Free Your Mind- En Vouge- Emily (Thanks Tammy)
2. I Wanna to be Rich- Calloway- Emily
3. Gangsta’s Paradise- Coolio- Emily
4. Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Elton John- Emily
5. Shuddup your face- Joe Dolce- Emily
6. My Name is Stegasaurus- Mike
7. Snap,Crackle, Pop Rice Krispies- Mike
8. Surfin’ U.S.A.- Mike
9. Pray- M.C. Hammer-Mike
10. Unbelievable- EMF- Mike

and if you've read all of that, you get a bonus! 10 awesome pictures of Heath!


Linda said...

The pictures were definately worth going through all of the lists! I especially liked the one with sun glasses!

Annie said...

Good 10/10/10 lists! You guys are so funny. I would now like you to list your top 10 favorite relatives..... Who will be #1!!! Hahahaha!
I LOVE the pics of Heath. He is just too cute!!!

Nater said...

Love the lists. Emily, I learned something new we have in common! I don't know if Matilda is my absolute favorite book, but it is definitely my favorite childrens book.