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just another post...

 Here are some recent photos of our favorite little guy.
Heath loves his brown dog and I love putting his new sneakers on him.
Tonja invited us over to make chocolate candies. 
I made these super cute dinosaur suckers, truffles, marble shells and chocolate cups! yum yum yum!
all of us having a great time!
We let Heath put his tongue on his dino sucker for no more than 2 seconds but for those seconds his little tongue was going crazy. I think he will like to eat candy someday, just like his momma!
We love playing with Heath in the evenings before he goes to bed. We make silly faces, he makes silly faces, it's a great time.

We also went apple picking with Tonja and Ellen yesterday. I sadly forgot to put the battery in my camera so no pictures of that until Tonja posts from her camera but we had a fun time filling our apple bag, and washing down cider donuts with apple cider. As always, we are having tons of fun!


Lauren said...

He is so chubby! I love it! Can't wait to meet him!

Tammy said...

good grief i'm in love with him!

Annie said...

Cute, Cute Heath!! Looks like you are always having fun!
Also, I made a killer recipe of cookie dough balls (like cake balls w/ non-egg cookie dough). Looking forward to some treat making at Christmas time!! ::)