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little chatterbox

Heath has definitely inherited both Mike's and my ability to talk and talk and talk...and then talk some more. Sometimes it's hard to get us to stop once we start blah blah blahing. Heath is catching on to our jabbering away and has been trying it out for himself. Hope you enjoy listening to him as much as we do!

and one more that doesn't sound so angry

love that baby!!!


Grandma's Blog said...

Emily, how did you teach him to say "I want my Grandpa" so quickly? Grandma is sure he said "good day day" and "bye bye".
We love you all!

Annie said...

Oh Heath!!! Such cute sounds that boy is making! I love it!
Jack has watched these videos multiple times- "I wanna see Heaf again!!" He also loves the video of Heath in the bath, which he calls, "Heaf swimming"!

amyndodd said...

He is so cute! I am pretty sure he said he wants to see his auntie!

Momma Nic said...

What a beautiful way to spend some time. Little Heath is working really hard there, getting all those sounds just right.