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too much fun going on here

September has been a very busy and  very very fun month for us. This is what we've been doing...
 We went to the Life is Good festival. Heath had a good time laughing at his dad while we watched the Big Apple's Circus to Go. It must have completely worn him out because this is how he looked for most of the rest of the day. He slept through They Might Be Giants and Donavon Frankenreiter.

He did wake up for Ziggy Marley, but then was back asleep for the main attraction, Ben Harper and the Relentless7.
Mike and I had a great day at the festival. We enjoyed watching the crowds, listening to the music and sitting in the sun. 

We also joined Rob, Tonja, and Ellen again for their ward's Clam Bake at Crane Beach.
Mike as always had fun entertaining Heath.

Heath loves his daddy.

Most recently, Auntie Teresa and Uncle Todd came to visit. Yesterday, Teresa, Mike, me, and Heath watched the Boston Pops play in the Boston Common.

A huge crowd turned out to see the concert.
Teresa and Heath at the concert. We love having Teresa here with us!
Heath danced to music and also did some fish faces for us. Funny boy. 
We have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks with more fun things planned. It's been a fun summer and it's turning into a great fall.


amyndodd said...

Hand over that baby and no one gets hurt!!! I want to squeeze that guy so bad!! So fun that Teresa is there. Wish I were there too.

Nater said...

I love his green hat! I miss you Heath... and you too Emily and Mike!

Annie said...

So fun!!!! I love that Heath is getting to go to some great concerts! :) Love the pictures!:)

Grandma's Blog said...

Looks like Mike Jr. to Grandpa Ashby. We love to see the photos, cute baby!!! Move over Amy -- and Grandpa will be nice.!
Love Gpa & Gma Ashby