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3 months old!

Our baby turned 3 months old today. He is so much fun and we love watching him grow.

Heath is a really easy baby, and this is why...
  • He sleeps between 4-6 hours each night before waking up to eat, then after eating he goes back to sleep for another 2ish hours.
  • To put Heath to bed all I have to do is wrap him up, put in his suck it, and lay him down. I give him a kiss and tell him to go to sleep. Then when I check back a few minutes later his eyes are closed and he's sleeping.
  • If I need to leave the house and wake him up in the process, he doesn't cry, he just give me smiles but then he'll make up for it and sleep more later.
  • he is a good eater and has become very efficient. He used to be really messy but he's learned to drink all the milk now and not let it pour out the side of his mouth.
  • he loves to play but also is happy to just sit and watch whatever is going on around him.

Heath likes:
  •  eye contact. if he is a little fussy and doesn't want to sleep and isn't hungry all I have to do is wrap him up and look him in the eye.
  • bath time. he moves his arms and legs more in the bath than any other time.
  • pacifers. we also call them "suck its" and "pacies"
  • conversation. he likes to look at us and gurgle. he's great at gurgling or cooing then giving us a chance to say something back. He takes turns talking until he gets tired, hungry, or distracted.
  • sitting in his bumbo chair and looking around.
I'm really hoping that writing all this down doesn't jinx us and turn Heath into a crabby baby. We just hope that he continues to be as fun and easy as he is now. Here are his official 3 month old photos...


Annie said...

WOW! Heath is sooooo big!!!! What a cutie!!

Teresa said...

Oh Man - he's getting some chub! I can not wait to see him (all of you) next week! Give him a squeeze for me til I get there.

amyndodd said...

What a chunk!! I love it. I can't believe how much he has changed in 1 month. I need to snuggle him!!!

Linda said...

Happy 3 months, Heath! I love the dimples- and the chubby legs- they're just like his dad's at that age!

The Burke's said...

Love the new header! He is so darn cute and I am so happy for you guys!

Nater said...

Oh Heaf, you are growing way too fast. He's so handsome.

Grandma's Blog said...

Glad to see Long Nose has not been neglected!!
Grandma Ashby