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Cape Cod

Last weekend we joined Rob, Tonja, and Ellen on a little trip to Cape Cod. We went to the beach, bought amazing taffy, ate delicious ice cream, swam at the hotel pool, went out for breakfast at a cute little place the next morning, and drove all the way to the tip of the cape watching the coast along the way. It was a really fun weekend trip!

This is Heath's first time touching the ocean. The poor baby starting crying in less than 2 seconds after touching a toe in the water. Mike swiftly scooped him up though and made him feel better again in less than 2 seconds.

Heath was more comfortable sitting on my leg and spreading his toes in the sand.
Heath's first time swimming with us. Mike would scoot him around so quick and he loved it!
Tonja and Ellen watching Rob pretend to be a seal in the pool.
Mike and I stopped by Race Point beach after breakfast the next day. It's one of the beaches on the furthest point on the cape. This is Mike taking it all in. I like it because if you look close you can see the baby in his glasses. I also like it because Mike is so handsome, love him!

There was beautiful scenery all around but this view was my favorite. I don't think I've ever seen sand bars like the ones we saw in Cape Cod. It made for such an awesome coast line.

Thanks Rob and Tonja for hanging out with us over the weekend. We had such a fun time with you!


Linda said...

So fun to see pictures from your trip to Cape Cod- Look s like it was lots of fun- and beautiful- Glad the hurricane didn't spoil the trip!
It looks like Heath prefers the pool to the beach- for now- I loved his feet in the sand! Thanks so much for the pictures!

Nater said...

I love Heath's face when touching the ocean. Also, the short hair and trimmed beard looks good, Mike.

Annie said...

Excellent pictures! Sounds like you had a great time!!! I agree with Nater: Mike your short hair/beard look great!!

Dave said...

I agree with the ladies; "God covers ugly heads with hair." And Heath is pretty cute!

emk said...

hi! im from the Philipppines! I'm about to browse my blog but I mistyped it..so there, it was you're blog that appeared. I think u have a gud and loving family!
would u mind if u also follow my blog? thanks! and Godbless to u and to your family!