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6 months!

Heath recently turned 6 months old. I can't believe my baby just hit his 1st half birthday. He is getting bigger and stronger by the day. this is what he is doing now...

  • Heath can get around on the floor more easily by just using his arms and pulling himself forward. He hasn't learned to let his legs help him out.
  • When he isn't trying to get somewhere he likes to go up on his hand and knees but so far always falls to his belly 
  • He sits up great and can somewhat gracefully get to his tummy from a sitting position.
  • He loves toys. He likes to grab on and shake them using his whole arm.
  • He still loves to be wrapped up like a little newborn when he is tired.
  • Heath's sleeping schedule has gone from great to a little unpredictable. We're hoping he decides to start sleeping all night again.
  • Heath has visited lots of family this month and has loved the attention and playing with everyone. 
Here are his 6 month photos...

Heath would like to wish everyone 
a very Merry Christmas!

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Linda said...

Cute Heath! We miss him so much!