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Just like everyone else during the Holidays we were BUSY! If you want to hear all about it then keep reading, if not the post title will give you the condensed version.

Mike finished his last semester of classes. He got an A in all his classes and I'm so proud of him! He is excited to finally be done with classes, lectures, tests, projects, papers, and grades. He now has two, 15 week internships to complete. We are at week 2 of the first internship and so much has happened to get us here. Mike had his last set of finals and he did great! We went out to breakfast with his whole class and the loved Heath! I didn't realize how excited they all were to meet him until we showed up and they all cheered for Heath. This is his class...

During and right after finals we packed up everything we owned minus what could fit in our car and packed it up to be shipped to California. We sent our belongings to California and camped out in our apartment for a couple weeks during which was my 27th birthday. Mike took me to a concert at the Gardner museum (my favorite) in Boston but they don't allow photography so no photos...sad. A few days later Heath and I flew to California to play with family while Mike drove our car and few belongings to Kansas! It was sad to leave Boston, we are going to miss the city and our friends there but we are excited for the adventure ahead.
While in California, Amy made me this AMAZING cake for my California birthday celebration. She has some awesome cake skills. I love this cake.
Amy put Heath under her rotating Christmas tree and he was mesmerized. He was so cute to watch.

Cousin Brooke liked to push Santa Heath in his "sleigh" all around Amy's house. Heath held on and let her push him for a long time.
Then Heath and Brooke had to show off their stripey pajamas.
Heath ended the night falling asleep on Amy as she read him a story. I love this picture.
We loved playing with new Toys at Grandma and Grandpa Ashby's house.
My Grandma, Heath's great-grandma Denslow is staying with my mom so we got lots of play time with her and  we had to get a 4 generation photo.
Heath and Grandma
Heath also met his second cousin, cute baby Brody. I love these babies in their Santa hats.
Heath and Mama
Heath and Auntie Tammy
After playing with family in California, Heath and I flew to Boise to meet up with Mike who flew from Kansas after the long drive from Boston. Waiting for me in Boise was more family and this great birthday present from Mike's brother will...anyone watch the office?
In Boise I met our newest niece, little Lucy. She is a doll and I miss her!
More of just my baby because I'm totally in love with him.
Heath and daddy on Christmas Eve. Mike in his traditional Christmas Eve outfit, he cracks me up.
We spent Christmas Eve at Mike's great-grandma's house so we had to get a 4 generation photo on Mike's side.

Our little family
With dad and with mama on Christmas morning. We had an awesome Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Bishop's home. We got to see all of Mike's siblings and their families and so much fun with everyone.

Grandma Bishop with the 4 new additions just from this year, Ellen, Heath, Lucy and Abby.
Heath loved this bouncer that Grandma Bishop used with her kids when they were babies. The most hilarious video of him jumping was taken of him in this bouncer, I will try and post it soon if I'm not completely blogged out after this post.

After our fun trip in Boise Mike, Heath and I flew to Topeka Kansas just a few days before New Year's to stay with my sister Teresa while Mike completes his first internship nearby. We love it here and are having such a good time playing with Teresa's boys. We'll be here for 15 weeks and then we'll be off for our next big adventure. Thank you to all our family for being so fun and welcoming over the holidays! We miss you all! Happy 2011!


amyndodd said...

Good post!! He is so cute. Can't wait till you come to CA!!!!

Annie said...

Great post and pics Emily! (as usual!!) It really made me miss you guys!!!!! Glad you're doing well!

Linda said...

Thanks for the pictures! We miss you guys!