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7 months and cuter than ever!

Heath turned 7 months old today. It feels like a big milestone because he is such a different baby than he was from just 1 month ago. He is just as adorable and lovable but this is what he can do now...

  • Heath is crawling! Just a couple days ago he started to move himself around without dropping to his belly. He can get across the room now completely on hands and knees. He is slow but determined once he eyes something he wants. 
  • The same day he started to really crawl he sat himself up from laying on his tummy. 
  • He eats a lot of new foods...carrots, peas, green beans, squash, sweet potato, apple, pears, rice and oatmeal! Mike and I have a lot of fun making and freezing his fruits and veggies. Heath still nurses many times throughout the day but eats a solid lunch and dinner of his new foods. 
  • Heath says "da da da da da da da" over and over and over. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 
  • He is still a very happy baby and loves attention, tickles, and being held. 
Here is our sweet baby boy
I love how the last picture and edit shows off his eyelashes. As his auntie Annie says, "his lashes go to the moon!" Happy 7 month birthday baby!


Annie said...

He IS cuter than ever!!!! I love the lashes to the moon picture!! :)
CRAWLING?!?! How fun and exciting!
Happy 7 month birthday yesterday, Heath!! (Little Cousin Lucy's 2 month b-day is today! It goes SO fast!!)

Linda said...

Happy 7 months, Heath! I can't believe he's crawling! I love the evelashes! Have lots of fun!

Grandma's Blog said...

Love that boy!!! Kiss him for me.