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can't forget long nose

After Heath's 9 month shoot there were a couple concerns about long nose being left out. So I'd like to be reassuring and post the long nose pictures. It was kind of a sad moment during Heath's 9 month shoot when I brought long nose out. I sat my bear next to Heath like I always do while taking his monthly birthday photos but this last time Heath was really scared of long nose and had a little melt down. I played with long nose so Heath could see he wasn't a scary bear. I had long nose give me kisses, then I'd have him kiss Heath. He warmed up eventually enough to not cry but he was not ok with long nose sitting next to him. Maybe it's jealousy issues but these brothers need to work it out! also, these photos are blurry, another reason i had left them out.

trying to recover from the initial long nose scare
the stare down
trying to decide what to think
Heath gives long nose the shove


Nater said...

How sad! Still really cute though. i can't wait to see that little guy!

roy said...

I love the stare down!!