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10 months

I'm late on this post. I like to be exactly on the 14th because Heath was born on the 14th but this month we had more going on than the just the usual easy day to day stuff. We are back in California and we spent Heath's 10 month birthday driving for hour and hours in the car across the country. We are missing our family in Kansas. It was really hard to leave and we are counting down the days till Heath can play with his Kansas cousins, Aunt, and Uncles again. while we were in Kansas Heath had a great time learning new tricks.

  • Starting with Heath's biggest trick yet....he can take 4 steps without help! He is getting more adventurous and will step away from the safety grip of the couch to try and walk to me. 
  • He still loves to eat and loves anything sweet, of course.
  • There have a been a handful of times that Teresa's family was able to get him to say cookie, he pronounced it "gookie." I haven't been able to get him to say anything more than "gook" when coaxing him to say "cookie" since we got to California. He still says mama and dada.
  • He can eat harder foods like crackers pretty easily. He gets spoiled at Auntie Tammy's house where they feed him a whole animal cracker at one time. 
  • He responds to "yay baby!" with lots of clapping and he always looks so proud of himself as he is slapping his hands together. If he does something that makes him happy or proud he claps his hand and looks around to make sure we are clapping too. I love that he already feels like he's done a good job with something, even if it is just emptying out the toy box.
  • Heath likes music which thrills me and Mike. He would crawl across the house to get to the piano every time he heard Tyler practicing. He also has a little toy piano at Grandma Ashby's and since he goes right to it past other toys it seems to be a new favorite. 
  • He is a very happy baby, very easy to make smile and laugh. Many times I'll hear him laughing in his sleep. I wish I could get that on video because it just melts my heart.
  • Heath loves to cuddle. The first 30-60 minutes he is awake in the morning we like to snuggle up in bed or on the couch. He just sinks into me and gets all warm and squishy when we cuddle and I love it!
  • We've been working on signing "more" and "all done." I think he is understanding what I mean when i talk and sign to him but his hand movements are not quite there yet.
  • We love our baby and are so happy he is with us.


Erica said...

We would love to get together with you guys now that you are in California! We are in LA, but we could come up to Ojai. Let me know.

Annie said...

FOUR STEPS?!?! Go Heath! Hope you're doing well in CA! I am so impressed with your road trip skills. Love the latest Heath pics! :)

Linda said...

Looks like Heath and Long Nose are friends again! Can't believe he's walking!