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Happy Easter and more!

We have been in California for one week and the time has passed so quickly because of all the fun we've been having, but it also feels like we have been here forever since everything is so familiar and just feels like home. We've done a lot our first week here and luckily I've been able to take photos of most of it.
Micah turned three and had a Buzz birthday party complete with one of Amy's amazing cakes. Micah is a happy and crazy cute little guy. We love you Micah!
Heath and I went with Amy's family to watch Jake play baseball. He even got to pitch a little bit! I'm so excited for Heath to play baseball someday, but I can also wait because I don't want my little baby growing up too fast.
Heath liked watching the game but he also enjoyed making faces at us...
...pulling Brooke's hair...
...and pointing out all the little wild flowers.
We couldn't get enough sports watching in this week so we also went to see Cody at his track meet. Tracks meets are long, and boring. So in between Cody's events Health laughed at Tammy's jokes.
not sure what all this waiting is for
finally we see Cody jump some hurdles! and in a split second it was over. He did great and didn't come in last!
Maybe the most exciting event of the week was this little addition to the family. Meet Carmelita. She's a super sweet bunny that I couldn't resist. Since dad already built a chicken coop, Carmelita already had a place to stay and with Easter coming, how could I say no?
We made sure Carmelita looked great for Heath's Easter pictures soon to be pictured HERE.
 all the grandkids had a great time holding her
Little Micah enjoyed catching Grandma's chickens
Heath got in a lot of playtime with his daddy this week. Mike has been great about spending a lot of time playing with Heath when he is home from work. I love how well he balances working full-time with his internships, dealing with school stuff, and still has lots of time to play with Heath. Baby loves it too.
My dad wasted no time in getting Heath's hand and foot prints on a concrete block, an Ashby tradition for as long as I can remember.
On Easter Sunday my sister Tammy took some family photos for us and this one just makes me smile. 
Easter Sunday was extra special because my brother brought his family down to bless his new baby in my parent's ward. Meet baby Blake, sweet sweet Blake. I got to hold this cutie for a while Sunday night and it was hard to let him go. He is a good snuggler, just like my baby.
We were very excited to give our baby his first Easter basket filled with fun presents (matchbox cars, bubbles, a viewfinder) as well as some practical ones just as a filler (outlet covers). 
While the big kids ran around the whole yard looking for eggs, Heath didn't seem to mind an egg hunt easy enough for a 10 month old. I think he liked finding his crackers and yogurt bites in his eggs. He loves his snacks.

Week 1 back in California has been fantastic. We are gearing up for another exciting week. Maybe all this activity will wear Heath out enough to help him sleep through the night? 


Tammy said...

Yay yay yay for being in California. Please don't ever leave! I love your pictures, your bunny, your baby and your face.

Annie said...

Wow!! Looks like you are having sooo much fun! :)

Linda said...

We love the pictures! Thanks so much- It looks like you're having a wonderful time- Can't wait to see you in May!