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Pool Party

Heath had a pool party today. He invited everyone that he could see...
so Grandma showed up for the fun
and he showed off with his mighty splashes
all his talent attracted some visitors
i made sure this one stayed away from the baby but I have to point out all the pollen on his legs...at least thats what my mom says that yellow stuff is. 
Eventually the water felt too cold so it was a quick change into long sleeves and back out to play
this is Mike's face
my baby is walking more everyday. He is up to 10 steps
this is his "deep concentration" look
love this boy


Annie said...

I'm JEALOUS of your warm weather!!! There was a skiff of snow on my daffodils and tulips this morning!!
Cute Heath! I love the deep concentration face- all of my kids have their tongues out in deep concentration! I thought they got that from their dad...... :)

Annie said...

Oh, and tell Heath we'd like to come to his next pool party! :)

amyndodd said...

I want to come swim Heath! So cute.
My kids ask everyday if Heath is coming over.

Rob said...

I like the swimming trunks, Heath.

Linda said...

We love these pictures! The one really is a "Mike face"- and so is the body in the swimming pool! Can't wait to see him later this week!