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11 months old

Baby boy is 11 months old and is closing in on 1 year faster than I can think! I'll post photos now and give updates on his developmental milestones and fun facts in a day or so. we love this boy.


Heath is happy. As long as he isn’t overly tired or overly hungry, our boy is full of smiles and laughs.

He can walk! He is still shaky but he is getting better at getting to where he is headed before falling down. He can also turn left, right, and even a complete 180.

Heath loves Sesame Street. Any type of screen is usually a total hit for him, and cartoonish type shows on the screen are even better, but when Sesame Street is on he is glued in. His Sesame Street attention span is off the charts.

He has become a very friendly baby. He will often be ok being held by a stranger for at least a few minutes before wanting his mama back.

Heath dances when he hears music. He had been just rocking on his bottom but lately he will dance standing up as well, bending his knees to the beat.

He likes to be outside and looking around. He smiles and laughs every time he sees Grandma’s chickens. He also likes to climb up his little slide and swing outside.

He can says mama, dada, and his newest word is BOBO! I love it when he says his little nick-name. it comes out sounding like “boba” and it is adorable. He will copy other sounds we make but doesn’t volunteer the words very often on his own.

Heath is still a very easy baby to care for and spend all day, everyday with. He makes us happy.

 This is his I-just-woke-up-from-a-nap-and-don't-know-what's-going-on expression
 This boys face melts my heart, it's the cutest thing I've seen in my entire life

 He is not going in to bite Long Nose...this is Heath giving Long Nose a kiss. Heath is an open mouth kisser, so watch out. Good news...Heath and Long Nose are totally on good terms again

This is his I-am-sick-of-having-my-picture-taken face, but I still love it


Teresa said...

He's sooo cute. He's looking more like a little boy! Can't wait to see him!

Annie said...

Oh my goodness he is so grown up!! What a handsome little dude!! So adorable!! :)