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Last week Mike, Heath, and I traveled back to Boston for Mike's graduation ceremony. We spent the week leading up to graduation playing with Grandma and Grandpa Bishop, and Uncle Rob, Aunt Tonja, and Cousin Ellen. During our rainy week there, we had lots of fun playing inside.

But, when the weather cleared up we tried to get out to see some new things.
At Drumlin farms there were sheep, cows, chickens, goats, pigs, and horses to show the babies.
Ellen liked finding puddles to jump in
 both babies liked to point at the animals
Heath weighed in on the pig scale at "piglet." I like that. I weighed in and am pleased that I did not reach "boar"
 In between looking at different animals we spent time just playing around
The farm was a great outing for all of us. A few days later it was time for graduation.
Grandpa helped entertain Heath while we waited for it to begin.
Mike walking in with his classmates
enjoying snacks during the show
Finally! Mike's turn to be hooded. Yay, Dr. Mike! He graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. The time during his grad school has been an interesting, sometimes hard, crazy, and with even some fun sprinkled in. This day to celebrate his achievement was so exciting for both us. 

I'm so proud of him.

Heath was happy for him too
Mike's please-can-you-stop-taking-pictures face or he was just tired of his hat
After the ceremony we ate at No Name restaurant and walked through downtown Boston back to the subway. It was a great way to celebrate our time there and say goodbye (until the next visit)  to the city.
Little girl in the big city 

Thank you Mike for doing all the hard, tedious, and sometimes boring work to get through school. I'll say again that I'm amazed with how well you balanced school, me and a new baby. We love you and all you do for us.


Annie said...

DR. MIKE!!!!! Congratulations!! Looks like you had a great time with all your activities and festivities! So happy for you all! :)

Victor and Camilla Broderick said...

duck, duck, duck, duck, goose!
Congratulations Mike!

Momma Nic said...

Congrats on the big completed step in your lives. To many more steps in the future.