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1st birthday party!

baby and husband are in bed and I'm not ready for the day to be over. Today was Heath's 1st birthday. He is 1 year old and it happened so fast that I feel like if I go to bed I'll wake up and he'll be 2. We have had lots of birthday celebrations leading up to today. some big, most small, but all very memorable. in just a few days we put together a BIG party for him when all the Ashby family got together a few weeks ago for Grandma Denslow's funeral. We decided an early party with more family would be much better than a more timely party closer to his actual birthday with less family. Thanks to my family who helped me throw my baby such an awesome party.
 At the park we lounged, played in the bouncy castle, and enjoyed treats from under the tent.
 Amy made Heath his amazing dino cake, a green stegosaurus with orange spikes. So I made sure Heath wore green and his party hat had orange stripes.
 His happy birthday banner and birthday treats
 Uncle Dodd showed up half way through the party with a golf cart. It turned out to be a huge hit. Heath loved taking rides in it and the older cousins had a great time driving around.
 decked out in our party hats
 all the kids were excited to help pull apart the dino cake
 One of Heath's presents was this push car. It was an instant favorite activity for him!
 The entire Ashby family. We weren't dressed up and no one planned for a big family photo but I had to have one of everyone together.
 All of the Ashby grandkids, oldest to youngest.
 Heath loved the bouncy house. It was the perfect addition to the party. Thanks Tammy and Don!
 Heath and I enjoyed the calmer time in the bouncy house while everyone else was eating lunch.
 Heath even got his very own dino cookie. We couldn't have a party without Teresa's cookies! Thanks Auntie Teresa for making them!
 And thank you family for coming to Heath's 1st birthday party and having so much fun with us! He may not remember it but it will be fun to tell him about his party for years to come.


Living the Life.... said...

They grow so fast! Heath is a doll! Dee

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Heath! We loved seeing pictures of Heath, his party- and all the fun! What and amazing dinosaur cake- and the birthday hats were great! Grandpa especially liked the Dodgers shirt!