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Happy Birthday Mike!

We were lucky this year to celebrate Mike's birthday with Will and with his parents while they were here visiting and we also celebrated on his actual birthday with Teresa's family. He requested sushi for dinner so we prepped it all and rolled our own. He broke from tradition asking for a tres leche cake instead of the usual cheese cake. I used the pioneer woman's recipe for the cake and it was GOOD! so all in all, I think he was happy with his birthday which makes me happy.
not the best picture, but these are the chocolate chip cutout cookies that Mike's mom and I decorated for him.
tres leches with the candles spelling his name
Nephews Ryan and Tyler used the candle lighting duty as an excuse to play with fire, silly boys
Mike with his loot! Happy birthday sweetie!

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Linda said...

What a great birthday! Hope you know how lucky you are, Mike! (to have Emily) I was thinking you guys needed a blender like that- glad you have it!