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Summer Fun part 1

We've been in California for a few months and have done so much in that short time. These events may be a little out of order and a couple months old but I would like to look back and remember all these fun things we did this summer. 

 A local record shop has become a favorite for us. There are records to the floor for Heath to sift through which gives Mike some added time to do his usual searching.
I liked that he really wanted to reach the ones in the back. He must have found something he really wanted to look at being up on his toes so high.
the record store is in a residential area and few houses down had these beauties all along the front fence. there were people on the porch who were happy to tell me that these are "passion flowers." I had never seen anything like it and am still amazed by it.
We spend a lot of time with aunties and cousins here. one of the perks of that for Heath is getting spoiled and many times it is with treats. Amy is helping Heath enjoy his first churro. at first bite not so sure...
...but he ended up being a big fan of it with a messy churro mouth of proof
During a visit from Kansas, cousin Justin was able to play his special yelling game with Heath. It was fun to watch Heath remember a game that they hadn't played for over a month.
Auntie Amy knows a ton of fun things to do in the area so on a perfect overcast day we went blueberry picking. Heath still needed a little help walking at that point, especially on the uneven terrain.
being a good (or crazy)  mom, I made sure to sanitize the blueberries for baby the best way I could at the time.
the store at the blueberry field had all sorts of amazing fruit. we picked out a great pear for a snack. it went over just as well as the churro.
and a face covered in pear is just as cute to me as a face covered in churro
it was a great outing to the farm. the above photo features Heath the goat, Amy the sheep, Kelsey the horse, Justin the Cow and Micah the unhappy pig.
Meeting cousins at the park is always a fun trip. This visit we met with my cousin Leah and her boy, Brody.
His brown eyes make me melt.
Heath spent a good portion of time burying his feet in the sand. I figure that's better than eating it so I don't mind.
A favorite stay at home activity has been playing with hose. He loves to stick a finger in the nozzle and spray water.
There's a lot to do when we stay home. Heath had his first sewing lesson with Grandma. I was surprised by how well he sat still on her lap and didn't try to touch the moving needle.
We have so much fun everyday playing that time seems to pass by very quickly. Time also seems to fly when one day his clothes fit, and the next he is busting out of his spider man jammies.
Heath is learning new things everyday. He is catching on to quite a few different signs. This is him signing bird. He loves birds. Signing bird and walking to the door to look for them happens very frequently.
practicing a pouty face? he is rarely grumpy and sad so even though this picture isn't very Heath-ish I still think it's cute.
we've gone on a few playdates lately. This one was at the beach. I love all the babies in their bucket hats.
Heath really likes the sand, just like at the park. We have been keeping busy this summer and I think Heath likes it. We like to go, do and see new things everyday. I love to watch my baby soak it all in and enjoy it all.

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Linda said...

Looks like you guys are having tons of fun!- Love the pictures!